2 Oct 2005

Autumn Apples

Just the other day when I was cleaning up my hobby table, I found a box of water soluable crayons amid the mess. They were bought a while back and I guess I sort of forgot I had them.

Of course this little discovery warranted immediate cease-clean-up, and a full engagement into Operation Explore Potential Fun While Using Watercolor Crayons! An old magazine was laying open on the hobby table, where a picture of a box of apples smiled at me.
There was my subject.

Some of the outlines were drawn with terra coloured PITT artist pens, but this drawing (click to view larger) is basically all done with the watercolor crayons.


Cin said...

this is a beauty, the colors are fantastic!

a said...

Håller med föregående talare. Otroligt läckra färger och fin bild. Man blir sugen på ett litet hus med ett litet äppelträd som man kan skörda från på hösten... :)