27 Jan 2005

coffee sketch

Another little drawing that I drew during a meeting at work. If I remember correctly, my coffee had become cold, and I was wishing for a fresh cup of hot coffee. Seriously.

Then I took a picture of the drawing with my camera, and then adjusted the levels and curves in Photoshop.

sun doodle

At an afternoon meeting the listening turns into drawing. Sometimes I love going to meetings so I can draw pictures while listening.
The little drawings sometimes get tossed and sometimes I go to the trouble of cutting them out and saving them. Most of the little drawings will never be anything big in life, but every now and then one will inspire a larger sized painting.
These two 5x5's are examples of paintings inspired by little drawings I made in meetings at work.

10 Jan 2005

Mossy Rock

Sitting on a thick wool blanket that J bought at the local surplus store for nineteen dollars I enjoyed the warm January sun on my face and the top of my head while drawing and painting on the spot plein air, my favorite way to draw and paint. Favorite.

4 Jan 2005


Clock, originally uploaded by tifty.

This is a clock my mother in law received as a retirement gift last year.

Because this clock seems to convey my own concept of time so much, however, I think I may make one very similar for myself! That pre-fired clay place might be the way to do it... Or maybe make my own ceramic clock. Or maybe try mosaics. Oh, dear. And when will I do this?

This afternoon, for example, I drew out 5 invitations for my son's Pirate Party on Saturday. Whipped them out in a half hour then rushed them to the post office. Thankfully there were only five. And thankfully I have called all the parents during the holidays to invite their child via phone.

I have one of the invites left that will be hand delivered tomorrow. A picture of it might pop up here later...

So much clutter and stuff has been cleaned from the 'studio' these last several days that I can see my reflection in the shine. Literally and figuratively. Can't wait to get back to the drawing. A brand new set of Chinese Inks, a grinding stone, and calligraphy brushes await to be used. Thanks Sister-In-Law!