4 Jan 2005


Clock, originally uploaded by tifty.

This is a clock my mother in law received as a retirement gift last year.

Because this clock seems to convey my own concept of time so much, however, I think I may make one very similar for myself! That pre-fired clay place might be the way to do it... Or maybe make my own ceramic clock. Or maybe try mosaics. Oh, dear. And when will I do this?

This afternoon, for example, I drew out 5 invitations for my son's Pirate Party on Saturday. Whipped them out in a half hour then rushed them to the post office. Thankfully there were only five. And thankfully I have called all the parents during the holidays to invite their child via phone.

I have one of the invites left that will be hand delivered tomorrow. A picture of it might pop up here later...

So much clutter and stuff has been cleaned from the 'studio' these last several days that I can see my reflection in the shine. Literally and figuratively. Can't wait to get back to the drawing. A brand new set of Chinese Inks, a grinding stone, and calligraphy brushes await to be used. Thanks Sister-In-Law!

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Rufus said...

That is the BEST clock! Have you made it yet? (Huh? huh?)