28 Mar 2005

No illustrations? Try illusions.

Transparent Screens at flickr.

Last week the prismacolors were on sale at hobby lobby so I splurged and bought myself a 48 count tin box of them. Because I love tin boxes. And I thought maybe a new set of colored pencils would nicely with the moleskine from the week before.

17 Mar 2005


backdraft, originally uploaded by tifty.

Last night my son played outside until dark and when he came in and after supper it was time for homework. He can think of a hundred other things to besides homework, and he has no comprehension of the importance of getting the homework done, the rewards are not given in his 4th grade, 10-year old mind language. How do I encourage him to act without exasperating him?

14 Mar 2005

Way Cool Trendy Me, My Mole, and a Latte

1mole, originally uploaded by tifty.

There were so many things going on at the office today and around 1 pm I finally broke loose and escaped for a while. Drove to the bookstore and ordered a latte and bought a blank page Moleskine, full price, since my book store membership card had just expired and I didn't feel like renewing it at the moment. Then I grabbed a stack of hip cool trendy magazines like HOW, Adbusters, PHOTOSHOP Techniques and sat down at one of the cafe tables and sipped my latte, paged through the magazines and after a while I started sketching this little bit on the 3rd page of the journal. I never start a new journal on the first page.

So, I now have one these famous journals I have been reading about and seeing displayed on umpteen blogs for a year at least or more. I am a moleskinevirgin no more.

Oh, and that handwriting would be my "not-wearing-my-glasses-and-I-just-drank-a-cup-of-latte" handwriting.

5 Mar 2005

Walking the dog

This is how tall the late afternoon sun makes me look.

2 Mar 2005

Fish Song

Guest Artist: Zane, 6 yrs old
Every little fish has a main "ambish".
One simple, little wish is just to splash and splish.
Everybody grins, dancin' on their fins.
So come on in and give it a spin,
and let the fun begin.

Out here in the sea,
Everything is free.
There's no admission fee in our ocean family.
Swimmin' when it's light, swimmin' when it's night.
In our ocean park, it's never too dark,