14 Mar 2005

Way Cool Trendy Me, My Mole, and a Latte

1mole, originally uploaded by tifty.

There were so many things going on at the office today and around 1 pm I finally broke loose and escaped for a while. Drove to the bookstore and ordered a latte and bought a blank page Moleskine, full price, since my book store membership card had just expired and I didn't feel like renewing it at the moment. Then I grabbed a stack of hip cool trendy magazines like HOW, Adbusters, PHOTOSHOP Techniques and sat down at one of the cafe tables and sipped my latte, paged through the magazines and after a while I started sketching this little bit on the 3rd page of the journal. I never start a new journal on the first page.

So, I now have one these famous journals I have been reading about and seeing displayed on umpteen blogs for a year at least or more. I am a moleskinevirgin no more.

Oh, and that handwriting would be my "not-wearing-my-glasses-and-I-just-drank-a-cup-of-latte" handwriting.


Cin said...

so how'd you like the new sketchbook, I've been reading about them too but have yet to succumb to a purchase, worth the price ?

ste-pha-nie said...

Cin: My first one, and so far three pages in I have no complaints. I'ts small. I use a fine tipped pen. Nothing to throw a boot at.

hapless_jockey said...

yeah, i had heard tell of the moleskines and recently got one for myself...my life really hasnt changed as dramatically as i thought it would, though. despite the fact that i filled one whole page with inane scribbling, i'm still drunk, unemployed, and flatulant. i hope yours works out better for ya.