22 Jun 2005

MidSummer Solstice

Sunset, acrylic on masonite, 2004

It's officially summer. The longest day of the year for us here in the northern hemisphere. When we left the ballpark last night it was still dusky around 9:30 pm. On our way home we saw the large orange orb of the moon in the east, slowly rising above the silhouetted curves of the Madison County hills.

Earlier in the day I had been so inspired to do more collage work. So when the boys were in bed for the night I made myself comfortable in front of my work table and started cutting and pasting. Then I started went online to check on something and got inspired to play with iMovie. Oh, lord. IMovie. Freevlog. ATC cards with suns. Collages. Yepp, I was up real late.

*After I painted that small (about 15 cm x 15 cm) little painting last year, a co-worker asked me to trade him a large sized version for one of his handmade stained glass lamps. Of course I agreed! His large sized version was completed and delivered last fall. My lamp is almost finished. (He injured his hand shortly afterwards and his strength is just now returning and he has resumed work on my lamp.) I can't wait!

19 Jun 2005

It's a....

It's a...., originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

Last week I bought a new big sketchbook. It's a really versatile spiral bound book, large pages and pages thick enough for watercolor. Last year I filled two of these.

THIS drawing is not a recent drawing though. When I cleaned up the "hobby room" I found an old folder with some drawing and sketches tucked away in it.

After I scanned this one I played a little with it in photoshop, filling the spaces with colors and patterns. Then I reverted it to it's original for this post.

One thing I would like to figure out is how to apply some meaning to my pictures. Content. A story.

But then, really, each viewer applies their own meaning, usually, anyway.

12 Jun 2005

former journal page

When I decided to nix the journal and make a collage book instead the cutting and the pasting became addictive. At veer are groovy patterns and images that can be printed out if a handy catalog isn't available.

The intent was to cover up the pages in the journal where I had written unimportant garble. I like the collage much better than the bla bla bla once legible on these pages.

Some old office doodles were also pasted onto the pages. I knew those saved old scraps of paper might come in handy one day.

1 Jun 2005

Be Where You Are

...bloom where you are planted.

When I walked up the hill to pick up Kaye I noticed some lovely white flowers growing randomly here and there every few meters in the ditch.

Weeds, some might say.

So often weeds are ripped out of the ground by their roots before they ever have a chance to bloom.