20 Feb 2005

Office Doodles

What do you do with office doodles?
Photoshop them while having a cup of tea on a Sunday morning...

17 Feb 2005


I could re-name this blog to office doodles because it seems like that is mostly what I end up drawing these days.

14 Feb 2005

"The Gates"

I have been checking out the stream of photos of "The Gates" on the flickr website, but I have to say the pictures here are some of my favorites so far.

Wish I could see this art in person...
Would love to see pictures of The Gates from a birds-eye view. (oh! found some!)
I like that the color is called saffron.
The newspaper picture above is colorized with a solution of actual saffron strands, tapped gently in a shot glass, with just a bit of water added.

13 Feb 2005


drawn, originally uploaded by tifty.

Sometimes, to get the creativity going, I look through the childrens books at the library. The other day I brought my sketch book and just started drawing some of the drawings. It felt really good! Like I was breaking out of a ball of knotted yarn.

3 Feb 2005

Public Place

A few weeks ago on a rather cold January Saturday afternoon we went to the library. There is a little cafe in the lobby area where coffee and nibbles that complement coffee can be purchased. We had just checked out a stack of books, and decided to have a snack from the cafe before we left. The boys each ordered a chocolate milk, and I had a nice hot latte.
A small ladybug landed on the table where we were sitting and as Z tried to pick it up he knocked over his cup of chocolate milk. We used a short stack of small thin napkin squares to wipe up the mess. The chocolate milk soaked napkins were then tossed into the garbage can by the table. Then we left and drove on home.

2 Feb 2005

Cut and Paste

When I get home I'm gonna shut off the computer and break out the glue and scissors.
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