23 Dec 2004

On watercolor cold press, Tombow markers, Dr. Phil Matins Hydrus, FC Pitt pen.

16 Dec 2004

Office Santa Doodle

A high up in the company person visited the office today to engage in dialog about Article 12 in Cincinnati. During the introductions I drew this on my notepad. Not really sure why I am stuck on drawing this Santa figure, I usually don't draw just one thing. He is ending up on all the Christmas cards, and in several of them he is holding a tree. Here there is a dog too, and for some reason the dog ended up in attack mode. Maybe he thinks Santa should have left the tree in the ground so he could pee on it....

13 Dec 2004

Nobel Art

The Diplomas which are given to the nobel prize winners are graced with individual works of art as well as a beautiful calligraphy.
To view some of these and find out who the artists are, click here.

10 Dec 2004

Card Making

While the boys are in the living room bonding and playing gamecube games on the tv, I am in the studio jamming the new U2 CD loudly and working on a design for our cards this year.

I am just a tad behind schedule and the plan is for them all to be finished this weekend and then mailed out on Monday.

Snowflaking Opportunity

The telephone line (yes, telephone.... ) at home is going through a difficult time right now, I am not sure why, and not only does it sound like we are talking into an empty coffee can when we are on the phone, but the line will not connect to the internet, at all...

So, until I can upload the most recent illos for you to see, here is a link to addictive snowflake cutting.


....email me your snowflake picture whydon'tya?! tifty[at]earthlink[dot]net

4 Dec 2004

For the International Team

The basic version of the Holiday Card. The final version has images of company products tied up with red ribbon under the tree.

Note: This card design is for the International Team with the Company I work for. It is not for Wal-Mart, but since my company is a big Wal-Mart vendor/supplier and because the cards will be going out to the Teams in all the Wal-Mart (ASDA) countries around the world, it makes sense to have a little Wal-Mart store, albeit an imaginary romanticized idea of Wal-Mart, in the picture.

2 Dec 2004

Holiday Card

The International group asked me to design the Holiday Card this year. While watching Matt Damon on the Letterman show Monday evening I finished the basic painting. Then I added additional clip art and type in Illustrator the next day/ I am just stumbeling along here as I haven't the faintest Illustrator know-how .

As soon as the network server allows I'll post the design here for anyone whos interested.

20 Nov 2004


Maybe I am the last person on the planet to have figured out that I can fill areas using patterns, but I feel like I have just discovered a hidden treasure! They are kind of fun and now I am going to figure out how to make my own patterns and load them into photoshop. This is a sketch from a few weeks ago that I scanned in today.

No. 2

Slow saturday mornings that include a long cup of coffee and quiet sketching of the few things on the table in front of me are among the best of saturday mornings.

No. 1

This is an old scribble doodle from some notes I took at a meeting a while back. It had the blue ruled lines going though the drawing though, and to remove them I photoshopped a bit. Used Replace Color and increased fuzziness until I saw the blue lines disappear. Then I used Levels and made the black lines really black and the white background really white.