28 Apr 2005


Almost a year ago I started sketching again on a regular basis. There were several folks posting their sketchbook pictures here on the web in their blogs and so on, and I was inspired to take up the pen a pad again after several years of "eh, don't have time to sit and diddle doodle - gotta do this or that..." But then I started to just carry the sketchbook around with me. I sketched whatever was in front of me.

I brought the sketchbook with me to work, to the ballgames, to the park, or just outside to the patio table in the back yard. I sketched pens, burritos, toilet paper rolls, and mint tins.

One time my friend Natalie brought me some herbs from her garden, and right there and right then I drew them as I sat in my work cube.

People I work with often compliment me on my drawings, and while it sure is nice to hear, I often reply with "You can also draw. All you need is a sketchbook and a pen you like." I would like it if people would believe me, and say, "Really? Do you think so? I would love to give it a try!" But instead most people say something like, "Oh, I couldn't draw a stick figure..."

When I drew and painted this half apple I remember how I completely zoned out. I was sitting outside at the patio table and it was evening, the late June sun was setting. The boys were playing in the yard and J was looking up some insects in the Peterson Field Guide.

This tomato slice - drawn and painted at my desk at work. After I finished the sketch, I ate the tomato along with fresh basil and fresh Mozzarella.

16 Apr 2005

rainbow house

rainbowhouse, originally uploaded by tiftyart.

In a package from Morfar came a little art set for son Z. There was a little notepad shaped like a cluster of grapes with the art set.

Z brought the art set with him to soccer and later to his older brother's baseball practice.

This is a drawing of a little house Z did while sitting on the baseball bleechers while his brother was on the field practicing this morning.

12 Apr 2005

idea starter

three interested, originally uploaded by tiftyart.

This illustrated blog is turning into a doodle depot.

This one was found on a page in one of my meeting note journals right under a bullet point list of things to do, or "next steps" as we call them here at the office.

(From December)

8 Apr 2005

office doodle

office doodle, originally uploaded by tiftyart.

Yes, it's another office doodle, and this one will be used as the basic design for a painting.

6 Apr 2005

Low Heeled Shoes

office doodle, originally uploaded by tiftyart.

This is another office doodle. There was no predetermined image in my mind when this little lady appeared on the sheet of paper under my pen.

After looking at her a while, the lyrics to the old TV commercial for a perfume came to mind:

"I can bring home the bacon, Fry it up in a pan....
...and never never let you forget you're a man...."

1 Apr 2005


office doodle
Originally uploaded by tiftyart.
At the office when the hand doodles the brain is far from involved in the process. The doodles just appear, out of nowhere and days later when I page through my notes and find things like this I wonder "what is this dog looking for?"