28 Apr 2005


Almost a year ago I started sketching again on a regular basis. There were several folks posting their sketchbook pictures here on the web in their blogs and so on, and I was inspired to take up the pen a pad again after several years of "eh, don't have time to sit and diddle doodle - gotta do this or that..." But then I started to just carry the sketchbook around with me. I sketched whatever was in front of me.

I brought the sketchbook with me to work, to the ballgames, to the park, or just outside to the patio table in the back yard. I sketched pens, burritos, toilet paper rolls, and mint tins.

One time my friend Natalie brought me some herbs from her garden, and right there and right then I drew them as I sat in my work cube.

People I work with often compliment me on my drawings, and while it sure is nice to hear, I often reply with "You can also draw. All you need is a sketchbook and a pen you like." I would like it if people would believe me, and say, "Really? Do you think so? I would love to give it a try!" But instead most people say something like, "Oh, I couldn't draw a stick figure..."

When I drew and painted this half apple I remember how I completely zoned out. I was sitting outside at the patio table and it was evening, the late June sun was setting. The boys were playing in the yard and J was looking up some insects in the Peterson Field Guide.

This tomato slice - drawn and painted at my desk at work. After I finished the sketch, I ate the tomato along with fresh basil and fresh Mozzarella.


Anonymous said...

Jag älskar dina teckningar. Tomaten såg extra god ut med tanke på att du åt den med mozzarella =)!

Ha det! Kerstin

Taeko Tofts said...

Oh my gosh! I was just browsing other blogs and your sketches jumped out at me. They are so refreshing and positive - if you know what I mean! It is wonderful that you've started sketching again - obviously you both missed each other!!

Joez said...

very nice and impressive :)

Cin said...

isn't the net wonderful ? same thing happened to me, seeing other's illustrated blogs got me drawing again and I'm so enjoying it.

I love seeing the drawings of just the everyday things that surround us,and the ones you've posted are so nice, hee, like the idea of drawing your food first, eating second !

nikita said...

You have some nice work. A blog is a great way to share. Keep it up.

(random person)

Lena said...

Åh, jag önskar att jag fick lite ro att teckna mer - för visst är det så att man kan fokusera så att man släpper alla andra onödiga tankar. Det är härligt!

Jag håller med dig - ala borde sitta och prova att teckan av ibland. Det är både lärorikt och rogivande!

ste-pha-nie said...

Oh, thank you for your encouraging comments! I do love the 'zoning out' part when sketching, it's the best part :)

anne said...

helt underbara skisser! gillar speciellt skrivbordet på ditt jobb, vilken skön detaljkänsla och skönt med bara så där enkla linjer. sen tycker jag att du hanterar akvarellfärger på ett fantastiskt sätt. snyggt på äpplet där. du är helt fabulous!
hoppas på fler uppdateringar snart!

ps. kan hända att jag får iväg dom där converse-pengarna nästa vecka...fick ju lite extra tillskott. om du fortfarande vill...?!

ha det gott!

Camilla Engman said...

Jättefina teckningar!