29 Jan 2006

learning to play

learning to play, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

oo de lally
oo de lally
golly what a day

25 Jan 2006


Having a tendency to doodle during office meetings it only makes sense to bring an actual sketchbook with me instead of a lined notebook. It tooka awhile for this to happen because there is a little courage involved... maybe the same kind of courage it takes to sketch in public.

Amazingly, the sketchbook hasn't created any stir at all. And that's nice.

In this sketch I noticed a lot of patterns, and maybe that's the left side of the brain having some fun. The cool thing about office doodles (drawings) is they have no pre-determined concept and the entire time the pen is moving across the page there is the opportunity for anything to emerge.

20 Jan 2006

IF katten

katten, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

A smile Lewis Carroll might have appreciated.

...turns out Friday evenings while waiting as my son takes guitar lessons is a good time to sketch...

17 Jan 2006

guitar lessons

blue moon music, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

My son is taking guitar lessons. I am taking time to sketch.

IF E is for...

When I saw the topic "E is for..." I was initially disappointed... The topic immediately brought to mind the Dr. Seuss ABC book, again, and didn't my illustration for Sea kind of play on the Dr. Seuss ABC theme?

So I thought about "E is for..." and frustratingly all kinds of great "E" words came to mind, all kinds of English and Swedish words. Maybe I could pick a Swedish word for E, I thought.

IFeisfor, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

There are so many things E is for and my illustration is a sketch where E-words are randomly listed inside a big E.
Maybe this sketch could grow up to be a big illustration someday, but for now, E is for the 5th letter in the alphabet, and really so much more.

Update: Feb. 2, 2006

The "E" has been to the spa, and look how refreshed it seems to be now.

14 Jan 2006

collage with office doodle and a lunch receipt

This year I decided to save as many shopping/ purchase receipts as possible and to make it worthwhile the receipts are ending up in collages.

My little project may not be on the scale of Kate's, but I'm already having a little fun with it.

This page includes the receipt from my lunch on January 4th. During the few minutes while I waited for the order I sketched this.

6 Jan 2006


This one can be viewed larger - just click the image.

5 Jan 2006


While I was waiting for my order at lunch yesterday I noticed a handsome converse sneaker, attached to a young man, underneath the table across from me. The sneaker looked back at me, and then it winked and mouthed, "sketch me."
How could I not?

3 Jan 2006

Illustration Friday: Flavor

IF Flavor, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

Hurling "Hate" arrows to the Valentines's day candy may seem a little violent... but I really don't (want to) like the flavor(s) and this little visual imagery has been successful because when I pass the (disgusting) valentines day aisle in the stores I have been flinging quiver loads of Hate Arrows toward the (awful) sweets and chocolates.

It's my defense strategy. Muahahaha.