25 Jan 2006


Having a tendency to doodle during office meetings it only makes sense to bring an actual sketchbook with me instead of a lined notebook. It tooka awhile for this to happen because there is a little courage involved... maybe the same kind of courage it takes to sketch in public.

Amazingly, the sketchbook hasn't created any stir at all. And that's nice.

In this sketch I noticed a lot of patterns, and maybe that's the left side of the brain having some fun. The cool thing about office doodles (drawings) is they have no pre-determined concept and the entire time the pen is moving across the page there is the opportunity for anything to emerge.


Cin said...

wow! doodle away, 'tis wonderful!

Lee said...

very cool line work!

TXArtcGal said...

There is nothing like doodling to get your inner artist to come out! LOVE your doodles!! AWESOME!

Rrramone said...

I love your work! You have inspired me on a day when I needed to be inspired. I would love to swap links with you if you are interested: williebaronet.blogspot.com

Keep being glorious!