26 Apr 2014

I have moved this all to Wordpress, for now.

I have moved this all to Wordpress, for now.

No particular reason.  That's where I feel at home right now.


12 Jan 2013

The Paris Wife

The Paris Wife by Ste.pha.nie
The Paris Wife, a photo by Ste.pha.nie on Flickr.

Book Club Notes - January.

23 Dec 2012

Dispatch from the Real World

Book club notes and my dog. Maybe 2013 will see more posts?

11 Jun 2011

maisie dobbs

6.10  maisie dobbs

Book club notes. Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear.

19 Feb 2011

First Thursday on the Third Thursday

Drew Gentle's resume is impressive, but his expressive and dynamic works of fine art and paintings are fantastic!

The bold color schemes and the intense expression of his portraits are magnetic.

I really couldn't stop looking at these. Love the juxtapose here, with the lightweight pastels and the delicate face - and then the hint of an inner monster up there in her head. I choose to assume she's in her 40's.

Drew Gentle was there, but when I went back to snap a photo I couldn't find him.

These works are simply breathtaking. The energy and intrigue pull you in.

They remind me of a mix of Rorschach blots, Willem de Kooning, and cubism.

I may have to go back to see if any of his smaller pieces are affordable.

12 Jan 2011


This morning's notes from a talk given by futurist Edie Weiner.

5 Sep 2010

Book Portrait

Now and then I do paint a picture. This is a book cover 'portrait' that I made for a friend of mine. To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, is one of her favorite books. I finally read it myself and I can see why this book lands at the top of so many people's favorite books lists.

This portrait is customized with the silhouette of my friend's daughter.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The last book club discussion focused on the first Stieg Larsson book in the Millenium trilogy. I read the book in Swedish, and have just started reading the second in the series.

13 Jun 2010

Oh When the Saints Go Marching In...

I really like working with this dark craft paper.

These are paintings from the old family photo album.

2 Jun 2010

I Like

In progress.


2 Apr 2010

The Underground

At the Fayetteville Underground Gallery - First Thursday February 2010.

I can't remember who painted this... I need to find out!

It was cool though.

I love the effect the 3d glasses had on the image,

There's Dede beyond the poppy.

Michele Maule's work there on the bottom left.

ddp gallery...

February 4th, 2010

15 Nov 2009

What am I waiting for?

blue bird
mixed media on canvas
5 inches x 5 inches

28 Aug 2009


I take my sketchbook and pen and go off somewhere and draw for 15 minutes or so...

I have to.

If there is no sketch fix, I start to twitch.

Connecting to the part of my head that doesn't think within the rules and confined walls of protocol or structure keeps me balanced.

22 Aug 2009


I've been thinking up ideas for an art project.


  • Moss
  • Wood
  • Fur
  • Water
  • Fruit

20 Aug 2009


This is the interim. Let's be glad and enjoy it to the fullest. Sometimes, happiness in the interim is in the form of letting the lines go where they want to go.

16 Aug 2009

Art Walkin'

The first Thursday of every month the galleries around town open up in the evening to showcase new work and exhibits. Many artists are also out meeting and greeting. One of the main draws is the Fayetteville Underground Studios and Galleries. All are open to visitors during this event.
Here are a few snapshots from August.

First we stopped in and said hello to Dede Peters at the ddp gallery. This month she is showing paperworks.

Steven Wise's colorful abstracts were eye catching.

Sometimes a 10 1/2 year old can dig the art scene. Sometimes, not so much. Or maybe it's X-Box withdrawal... So, instead, he kind of becomes part of the exhibit.

It only takes one gallerist to change a light bulb.

It takes a lot of vodka and mint leaves to make a good opening night cocktail bowl.

After a while at ddp's, we wandered over across the street to the Underground. The Underground is located in the basement of a former bank building. There are several gallery spaces, each one with a different collection of work.

In this photo (above) we are in the Vault gallery. Inside this echoing chamber various resident artists' works are hanging in what once was the underground bank vault.

To me, seeing art hung in a concrete room with no windows and only one door invokes a strange sort of feeling... makes me want to philosophize.

Maggie Ivy was the main artist this evening (this month.) Her current love is pencil and charcoal drawings. (You can see the door into the Vault on the back wall of the gallery where her show is hanging.)

Maggie Ivy's studio space.
Maggie is heading to Göteborg, Sweden this fall to study at the Florence Academy of Art.

Finally, we moseyed into Megan's studio - also at the Underground.

I love visiting other artists' studios.

I also love seeing work in progress. This is a photo project Megan's named "100 Flashes of Memory," which I find especially intriguing. She has affixed dreamlike images, photographic images, on small blocks (about 4 inches square I estimate) and I can't wait to see the final results.

Notes on Megan's bulletin board.

Megan Chapman
Megan's blog

There are many other artists who have studios where they work at the Underground. Read more on the Fayetteville Underground blog.