2 Mar 2005

Fish Song

Guest Artist: Zane, 6 yrs old
Every little fish has a main "ambish".
One simple, little wish is just to splash and splish.
Everybody grins, dancin' on their fins.
So come on in and give it a spin,
and let the fun begin.

Out here in the sea,
Everything is free.
There's no admission fee in our ocean family.
Swimmin' when it's light, swimmin' when it's night.
In our ocean park, it's never too dark,


Julie said...

Too cute! Great job on those fishies Zane! I love them! Where is that song from, did you make it up?

ste-pha-nie said...

Julie: Zane says "Thanks!" The song is one he and his kindergarten class is learning. Not sure it's origin, his music teacher sent me the lyrics!

Adam W. said...

i like the fish drawings. they are so free form and expressive. The blowfish in particular is very cool.