16 Oct 2005

Doing My Work

What is holding me back from doing my creative work? What is holding you back from doing yours?
Sometimes I wonder if all the surfing around and finding "inspiration" in the so many wonderful and beautiful, and brilliant and clever designs, creations, and images among all the internet bookmarks is getting in the way of my own creating. The inspiration is so big, so great, and so much fun to find that I choose 'finding inspiration' over doing my own creative work.
Does this make any sense?

Maybe all this inspiration is really building up a kind of resistance in me.
Maybe not.
I don't think the idea is to always come up with something new and different. As if.
There is nothing new under the sun.
I think the idea is to do creative work. No matter what. Now. Today!
"The highest treason a crab can commit is to make a leap for the rim of the bucket."
"The awakening artist must be ruthless, not only with herself but with others. Once you make a break, you can't turn around for your buddy who catches his trousers on the barbed wire. The best thing you can do for that friend (and he'd tell you this himself, if he really is your friend) is to get over the wall and keep moating."
"The best thing and only thing that the artist can do for another is to serve s an example and an inspiration."
-The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield,
who writes from the hip about breaking
through blocks and winning inner creative battles.


ghdhfghd said...

i know what you mean
ive been spending a lot of time finding new artis to get ideas from, but i just keep looking and haven't started using the knowledge ive found yet.

AnnaA said...

Just sådär är det ibland... Jag hittar så mycket fint jag vill göra och sen har jag inte tid för jag surfar så mycket. Suck!