24 Oct 2005

It was twenty years ago today

Today I called work and left a message for my boss that I would not be coming in because I had to take care of a family situation. Since I did not elaborate it may have sounded strange, and tomorrow I will have to explain, I suppose.

The long version or the short and for-good-company version?
How about this: Marriage enrichment. My hubby and I both needed to spend a day together just the two of us, no kids, a whole day, at least until we had to go pick up the boys from school :)

We had a really nice time, relaxed, and stress free, and we were able to carry on conversations without interruptions or trying to give one another a status update or instructions or "constructive criticism!"

Today, I just realized, marks twenty years since our first ever date, when we were 18. We went to a high school football game. It started to rain. We had to sit pretty close together on the bleacher under my umbrella. I have no idea who won that game.


Hanna said...

Rain is great sometimes. Congrats!

Kathleen Marie said...

A perfect reason to call into work. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Suzy said...

Stephanie, your work is incredible. I just wound up here while looking for an old bernina for my daughter. I am sure you already gave it away, but if by chance you still have it, we would love to give it a good home. My email address is suzy@bonacoproducts.com I am glad you took the day off for your marriage. And I hope your employer understands :-) Suzy

ste-pha-nie said...

Sometimes daily life, work, the kiddos, and our own habitliving selves can wobble up a perfectly good thing/ a day together, even just taking care of things around the house, can really help align the hearts and minds again.