13 Oct 2005

On a Day Off...

When I take a day of vacation to stay home with the boys because they are out of school I always think I'll have all this extra time to "catch up" on all my little projects, errands, housekeeping, and maybe even get something creative done too.

I was off on Monday and today this week and so far the most 'creative' thing I have done is videotape the hairstylist while she was cutting my hair. Oh, and I embroidered a little too.

Tonight I'm cutting and gluing. I want to fill up my sketchbooks so I can buy more.
This is the challenge: Fill Up The Sketchbooks. By January 1, 2006.
How hard can it be?


Annika Sandin said...

Lovely witch! Are you participating in the "Draw a Witch"-contest at Penelopes site?

Kathleen Marie said...

Good luck on filling your art sketchbooks. I hope you post your entries as they come to life!