25 Sep 2005

An Old Abstract

Found a stack of old photos of some of the paintings I did my last year in school, 1992. The photographs were taken outside in the sun, using a 35mm point an shoot camera, and the white balance was way off. In photoshop I just let the automatic color adjuster do it's magic, and here is a result I think is as close to the real colors that I can remember.

This watercolor was the result of trying to make something out of an accidental spill from the brush water jar. (There was no way i was going to waste a $13.00 sheet of heavy coldpress) Turned into something that has since reminded me of other artists' abstracts along the way. Maybe they were also creating something new from a spill?!

Today this large (24x36 inch) watercolor painting is hanging framed at pappa's house in Sweden.

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