18 Sep 2005

2005 5x5

This is my entry for the Art Center of the Ozarks annual 5x5 show.
The deadline for turning in our contributions was actually last week, on the 15th, and I hadn't had a chance to complete mine. I had started a painting of a road disappearing into the horizon, with a blue sky and white fluffy clouds, but I really didn't now where it was going, the painting I mean... so it just sat there on my work table, going nowhere.

Today I found out from my friend (who is also contributing to the show) that they would accept late contributions through Monday (tomorrow.) So, after dinner and while the big boys went fishing and the little one played outside in the yard, the painting I had started began a new journey.

In less than an hour the canvas was coated with a new layer of paint, covering the original image, and had dried enough for me to add a little bird, using pastels and pencil to begin with.

Eventually the 5x5 was completed. It will need to hang in a lit location for the colors to really show, the overall is much darker than I normally paint. The scan makes it look a bit darker than it is really as well.

Here is the photo that inspired me.

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Cin said...

very nice!