22 Sep 2005


It's official. This evening it occurred to me, and now it's there, looking at me, asking me, "now what?"

I am an artist.

Having denied this all my life, perhaps embarrassed by the haughty aire the word seemed to have, I now see there is no use in trying to hide from the truth.

I am an artist.

It is what it is. It doesn't mean this or that, it doesn't change anything, because it always has been. The only difference is that I can say it now.

I am an artist.

This is a preliminary sketch - a concept idea really - for a card design I've been asked to make.

This is a page from my art journal. When I look at it I see a big influence of the styles of some of my favorite artists who post their art online. There's a bit of Camilla in the side-ways drop-shaped bubble, I see some of Kim's style in the stick legs of the bird, the bird itself is reminiscent of many artists, because the bird motif is rather popular.

I think artists find inspiration in each others art, and often the influence shows up in their creations. Though unique, they recall faintly a kind of common spirit. When I page through a magazine like Somerset, for example, or when I'm browsing the flickr art pictures, I always notice trends. Maybe it's the trading card trend, or collage trend, or art journal trend, or the trend to illustrate something based on a word each Friday, or a technique each Tuesday. I love this awesome art community online! What an amazing way we can, via the internet, communicate, share, influence and inspire... how cool to want to try to sew a sketch (sketch-sewing!) after seeing Fiona's wonderful work, and how exciting to participate in an Art Challenge when a package of supplies arrive from Joleen?

Now, I am not going to quit my day job. What I am going to do is answer "Yes! Yes, I am." the next time someone asks me, "Are you an artist?"


Hanna said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to this new revelation toO! The santa is just so cool, and the bird drawing too. I've known this for long, but I'm so glad you do too now. You're and artist!

Cin said...

you are a wonderful artist!! and oh yes it is an awesome on-line community, I too am so glad to have discovered it, looks like we started blogging at the same time, almost a year soon for you and me!

maria said...

Ja, dom är riktigt snygga, det är bara synd att jag inte gjort dem själv :) Fast min kompis som gjort dem är så duktig! Dom är väldigt inspirerande, så jag har börjat på en egen. Fast det går långsamt för jag har för många projekt igång samtidigt.

Pajara Pinta said...

Love your santa, your style is so nice and simple... I have an illustrators site www.caracarmina.blogspot.com although is in spanish, I'll be putting some english entries too..

will keep coming back!
Pd. I couldn't see the 5x5 picture and I'm curious now...