11 Sep 2005

Driving Log

I haven't posted this until now even though it's a part of the vacation pages from this summer, because it just seemed (yawn) uninteresting to me. Then today when I paged through the journal I took the time to read what I'd written, and suddenly it was like I was there in the car on the road again, on the tail end of our vacation.

Yepp - I have very carefree handwriting. Care-free!


Wally said...

The little sketch is charming, That's Kansas!

Alina Chau said...

Charming blog!! Love it!! And you are an Mac girl? Me too!! I love Mac computer!!

a said...

Hej! Snubblade hit, va kul den här ska jag minsann spara och kolla konturnerligt. Skön stil du har på din a olika teckningar. Hälsningar från Sverige!

ste-pha-nie said...

Wally: :) thanks, and yes, it's not so chalenging capturing the scene out the front windshield of a car going 70 miles an hour when you're on the interstate in Kansas!
Alina: Yes, I got my first Mac (her name is Daisy!) for Christmas last year. I like it a lot - but sometimes I long for a larger screen... perhaps one day?
Anders: Kul att du snubblade in, hoppas att du kommer tillbaka - ser ju att du med har en tecknad blog. Arkansas hälsningar till Dig!