5 Nov 2006


Since it rained all day today we stayed home and puttered around the house. Cookies and muffins were baked, house slippers were worn, and much football on TV was watched.

Last Sunday, however, we went out to the colorful spot on the globe I've named The Rusty Sun. I snapped loads of photos and then I sat down and painted a little sketch of my shadow. My shadow was surrounded my rusty red oak leaves.

It's a rough life.

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Roxanne said...

Oh. . .I thought I had commented. . .remember my goal? To comment on each and every entry like a stalker???? Now I'm stalking you for recipes too. . .and Tony and the kids LOVED the muffins--the kids scarfed them down for breakfast this a.m. Did you put your cd in your vehicle???? Did you get your mocha decaf soy chocolatte????