19 Nov 2006

On Giving Thanks

When the boys have trouble falling asleep at night we suggest they go to bed, close their eyes, and start counting thanks. Think of all the things you are thankful for. The list would never end.


Roxanne said...

Okay. . .so here is the thing about your art. . .it ALWAYS (and I do mean ALWAYS) makes me smile. Like--always. Even if it's not my particular taste. . .seeing something that has come from your imagination (even though you didn't crack it open by falling out of a grocery cart) through your arm, into your hand, and out through your pencils and paints and charcoals--well it astounds me and makes me smile.

So how 'bout I add to my list of things I'm thankful for not only you and your passel of boys--but your art and the fact that you share it with us/me on a regular basis.

Thank you.

iHanna said...

I agree with Roxanne!