22 Oct 2006

Shooting Acorns

W. shooting acorns with his slingshot into the pond this afternoon.

I wish there was a way to bottle up days like this and then keep them handy for those other days when the air is stagnant and pungent.

Cold winds blowing straight through the soul and out again, like some kind of detox elixir.

Bright copper oak leaves. Gem-like deep burgundy sumak leaves. Cheery red sasafrass leaves.

Brillant blue sky.

Land. Hills, trails, draws, a pond, clearings, the creek, a little frog, a big rock with a frizzy sort of moss all over it.


Feeling so good tired at the end of the day.


Roxanne said...

Happiness. . .that is just what that is.

Hanna said...

that is a really great sketch!

Jon said...

I like this one. Very nice contour line pen & ink. It has a very nice flow. (did you activate the edges of the picture-plane?...olde tyme college speak:)I haven't stopped by in a while and thought I would.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday. - Me.