16 Oct 2006


Okay, so here is a drawing Z did about three years ago. He was 4, almost 5. It was December 2003. This was before Z started drawing everything in stick figures... back then he drew what he saw. As you can plainly see, this is a portrait of his mom and dad. We are in the living room. I'm in the chair cozied up in a green throw blanket and J's kicked back on the couch. We are watching the movie Seabiscuit on TV. I was knitting also, and if you look closely you can sort of see the knitting needles.
I don't know why Z stopped drawing like this. He would really get in the zone. This one took about 25 minutes or so.

I am showing this because I found it the other day when I was going through a box of old papers and letters. Finding it made my day.


pacoandfriends said...

That is so cute...maybe at school they told him to draw in stick figures...?

Roxanne said...

And you sharing it made mine.

MAYBE he began drawing in stick figures because he is an artist like BOTH of his parents and is dabbling in another genre.

And I loved that Jon is hairless. :)

Thad has only recently begun drawing ANY kind of people--but the other day he came home with a drawing of him and me. He had drawn black dots for our eyes and had put blue circles around his and green circles around mine--because his eyes are blue and mine are green.

Isn't it amazing to see what they can do to show what they see?