28 May 2005

Stealing Art

The new library has a used book shop room with books for sale cheap. Lots of books. Older ones, over-used ones, dorky ones, outdated ones...

Today I found a book called The Encyclopedia of Modern Art. It was a steal for $3.00. It's a heavy hard back, published 1961. On the inside flap it has the original price printed, $20.00. I wonder what that would be in today's dollars.

This book is in very good condition. The paper cover is not ripped or torn, hardly worn at all. A colorful image of Picasso's 'Pierrot and Harlequin,' adorns the front cover. Here is a sketch of part of the front cover:

I drew this as I was sitting in the back row of the library performance room, listening to a violin recital. And 'shusshing' the boys every now and then. The boys were losing their patience. I was stealing time to draw.

It's not possible to pay attention - to focus - on multiple things. The enjoyment of the violin song, the interaction with my boys, and the drawing all suffered at 2:45 pm this afternoon.
So stealing moments to draw... well, it happens. Though guilt, in some form, always follows. As well as some satisfaction. A drawing was drawn. The boys were exposed to culture and a lovely violin. And I did enjoy the violin, if only for a while.

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