19 May 2005


In the bottom drawer of the tall dresser is a box filled with old pictures and negatives that belonged to my mom. This box of pictures probably would have remained in the drawer until whoknowswhen except that now there is a plan and some creative ideas are coming to mind.

Claudine has a new book coming out and I can't wait to buy a copy. In the book she will share her ideas on creating creative collages using family photos, for example. Her style inspires me. Just the thought of creating something interesting with old photos is exciting!

Also, I have been making more ATC's. Hold your horses. I'll post a representative or two here later. I am gonna get a new scanner that will plug into my Powerbook today.

....just had a recollection. In high school Latin class our lovely teacher Ms. Price explained the expression "hold your horses" to us. Way back in ancient times, when people used latin, the latin for 'horses' also meant 'passions/ emotions' - hence the expression, 'hold (restrain) your emotions!'

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