3 Jul 2006

city hall

city hall, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

After work one day last week I stopped by city hall for the City Planning meeting and , along with about 15 other neighbors, opposed the rezoning proposal of an adjacent field from Residential to Commercial.

After some discussion the motion to rezone was voted upon and without a majority Yes votes, the motion failed. Yay!

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Roxanne said...

I like the colors behind the black and white (and gray?) sketches. Very nice. . .glad I got to see where you took your stand. Facing that would be imposing no matter what. Also glad that the field will stay a field atleast for the time being, and so I leave you with this quote. . .

"I was visiting a farm in northern Vermont, and the crusty old framer had just shown me about his grove of maples. We came out on a small meadow with a spectacular view of the mountains and valley. 'What a beautiful place for a house!' I exclaimed. The farmer quickly responded, ''Tain't a bad spot for a meadow.'