19 Jun 2006


There are few things that top great childhood summer memories. For my boys, those memories will include splashing around in the backyard pool under the big cedar tree.

"Hey, Mom, watch this one! Watch! This is a new one, a never before attempted trick turn splash!"
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Roxanne said...

Trying to post my e-mail to you somewhere else. . .are you getting the idea that I want you to get this???

We arrived home from Galveston. . .I was very disciplined and waited until the car was unpacked to race to my neighbor's house for our mail. . .I had them get it so our lovely piece of original artwork would not languish unattended in the mail slot.

While I listened to him talk about Spain (they just got back from a trip), I ripped into my package from you.

LOVE< LOVE* LOVE) L-O-V-E!!!!!!!$$$$%%&&&&&**+++++++++++ the painting. Thad has just looked a the tree and giggled and said "Wook, deh is a map on duh twee." Then he named all of us. . .including the pets (thank you for not putting snakes) in the picture. . .then came his only criticism. "I wish deh were mowuh people in duh pictuw." Of course more "people" would mean you including the snakes. . .or me having another baby. . .both RIGHT OUT of the question.

Everyone is smitten with your interpretation of our home. I am just in love with your creativity. . . and how could you know that our neighbors have a huge Bradford Pear RIGHT where you put the Houston tree. . .and how could you know that your placement of the map of Houston not only shows clearly where we live NOW but also shows where we will be living when we build in the country. . .and how could you know that just beyond the fence in the backyard is our HUGE fig tree RIGHT where you placed ANOTHER tree in the collage. . .and how could you know that despite Zane's misgivings I love the curling smoke. . .and your insertion of our family photograph was completely unexpected and totally wonderful. . .and your sun, in addition to being full of interest, reminds of something very Swedish with its sunny yellow splotches in the blue, blue sky.

Tony, being the conversational virtuso that he is says, "Tell her it's very nice." The "very" means his loves it. You are missing the trademark smile of satisfaction on his face that signifies being extremely happy with something so much that it spills out of him unheeded in his grin. That speaks even louder than the "very" that he inserted in his compliment.

Victoria responded by touching EVERY SINGLE THING on the canvas despite my remonstrations that she NOT TOUCH IT.

I have tried to call you, alas, my caller ID no longer has your cell number on it. . .I left a message at your house telling you I would try your cell. . .

I will try to call you again later tonight, but I am teaching ladies' class tomorrow and must also unpack from our trip, so I might not be able to. . .

Oh, did I say that I LOVE the painting?????


Oh, my friend, thank you for your lovely gift. Words cannot express. . .I must decide if I can leave it at Hobby Lobby long enough to let them frame it.