4 Jul 2005

Office Doodles Enhanced

Some time ago when we were at a BigGiantElectronicsMegaStore, looking for some good speakers to plug into the PowerBook, I somehow scored a Wacom tablet that came with wireless mouse, a 'painter' software cd, and a $50 rebate.
It's taken me some time to get used to the tablet. I like it, because it's fun to experiment, but I can't get comfortable with the the control. Yet.

The doodle above was scanned in and then rendered and painted in Photoshop. I found these cool brushes online, I can't remember where, but I recall finding the link somewhere among Rene's flickr pictures.

There hasn't been much drawing going on lately (busy with summer, kids, garden, playing) - so when we finally go on vacation there will (theoretically) be more time for sketching a little more often - at least for longer stretches of time. I am mlooking forward to early early mornings, sitting outside the camper, way up the mountains, drinking a cup of fresh brew, feeling the sun on my face, drawing, thinking, relaxing.


Cin said...

really like your enhanced sketch, very nice with the variety of patterns and different brush effects ! looking forward to your vacation sketches !

ste-pha-nie said...

Thank you cin, it's fun playing around with those effects.

It will be different sketching from life again, vs doodling from lala-land :)