6 Sep 2006

phone call

phone call, originally uploaded by Tifty's Art.

September 1.


PJ said...

would I be correct to have the opinion it was a friendly phone call?

rwl10802 said...

Or maybe it was drawn DURING a phone call? The best I can do is lots of swirlies or the alphabet over and over and over. . .yours is much more impressive. :)

pacoandfriends said...

that's a cute drawing, very comical.

ste-pha-nie said...

Yes, it was a friendly phone call. And, yes, Rox, it was doodled during the call.

Thank you pacoandfriends!

Roxanne said...

Well, I was kinda hopin' it was during "the" phone call. . .especially with all those lovely flowers floating overhead. :) I'm glad I inspired floating flowers.

Anonymous said...

See how incredibly vain I am thinking that it was during your phone call to ME on that day?????


Love you, friend.