18 Mar 2006

Handy Tracker

handy tracker

This is my Handy Tracker for making some sense of myself during the month. This is handy not just for me, but if my hubby would check it out as well, it might clue him in as to why I'm especially sweet, or "unusually" withdrawn.

(click here to see it bigger)

Disclaimer: There is at least one small error in wording... I didn't notice it until after it was scanned and uploaded. It's "pre-menstrual," not "pre-menopausal..." although, really- the symptoms are quite similar.

And while this chart is based on information found all over the internet, I am not a medical professional and claim no expertise, other than saying that the general "flow" of this chart has generally been acurate in my case.

Oh, and one more thing: Yes, I designed this one, and yes, you may use it for personal use if you wish - Free! If you decide to publish it (on the internet or elsewhere) please just note where you found it, thanks!

Here's how it works:
There's a line for each month... just begin at the top with the next time you "start," by writing in the month and the date you begin under the "0" and then just list the dates across from there.
You'll run out of room but that's okay, because you'll just begin at the beginning again under "0" when the next cycle starts.
Ovulation normally occurs around 7 or 10 days after the last day of the period - this is an estimate, but it's safe to say that it happens around mid-cycle.
You should be able to take it from there,


SuperMom said...

Sounds handy! But I don't see it.

PJ said...

THATS IT!!!! kind of funny I tracked my moods and came up with something similar-just never got to the stage of really analyzing the estrogen and progestrone...THANKS!
hmmmm...something to post on 'frig with a magnet 'you are here' arrow? HA!

LiteratureLover said...

I LOVE this chart! I was especially encouraged that chocolate actually helps the cycle!!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

I love this! It will help boyfriends and husbands who never quite understand female reproduction system and mood swing. Cool stuff.

Susanne said...

Du är ju enastående!

Skicka till ett tryckeri, sälj dem dyrt och bli världsberömd!

Jag köper gärna en kylskåpsvariant med magnet och grejer!


Andreia said...

Fabulous! I was dead dog (as we say in Texas) serious about you marketing this!

I know its super American of me to say, but it would sell. Im seeing greeting cards and posters. Okay, I will stop being a huckster.

Thanks again!

ste-pha-nie said...

Loving the refridgerator magnet and poster ideas! I can see the Mister rolling his eyes now!
It would be cool to figure out a way to sell this thing though...