8 Aug 2005

Sunset Quickie

One evening my hubby and I enjoyed a short hike together while the kids went to the Estes Park rodeo with the grandparents. We walked a couple of miles or so on the Wild Basin trail near Longs Peak, but since we hadn't brought our flashlights we turned around when it started to get kind of dusky.
As we headed back to Estes Park on Hwy 7 we noticed this gorgeouslicious sunset going at Lily Lake.
We pulled over and parked the car and got out to savour it. With not much more than a few minutes left I scrambled to paint an impression of this moment. Sitting on a rock by the waters edge, I dipped the paintbrush in the Lily Lake and sketched the sunset.

Update: If you are curious, you can see one of the photos I took of the sunset here... though no matter how I tried, my photography skills greatly lacking, I could not quite capture the intense red orange peachy tomato blush colors....


Cin said...

just quick, yes, and just an impression, yes, but I'll bet you'll be glad for making the effort to "scrambled" to help remember such a sight. When I look at my concert drawings I find I'm glad that I've started scrambling too.

photography works too, but this is so much nicer

ste-pha-nie said...

I did take several photos as well, with various apertures, and shutter speeds, and ISO settings. Perhaps that is something I should'a mentioned :)
Anyway, I realized I just had to paint it before we left. Painting, or sketching this, allowed the moment to be savored somehow. Yes, I am soooo glad I did it!

Hanna said...

It's beautiful, you are so talented Tiff! And I guess you'll have a nicer memory of dipping your paint brush like you describe than of all that search of the right ISO setting?! ;-)

Wally said...

Just found your site. Beautiful work! I linked to it, of course.

ste-pha-nie said...

Thanks Wally. I was really glad to find your site too! You have been uploading lots of drawings I like.